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Why is marketing essential in every business? How do we understand the concepts of Marketing? What are those things kept in mind before doing Marketing?


Well this article helps you to better understand the psychology behind marketing. In this article you will be introduced with some important aspects of marketing.

The article is for all, who are newbies, students, professionals and for those entrepreneurs too who just started with new ideas and wants to upgrade with marketing and personal branding.

So let’s start and deep dive into the Marketing world!

What is Marketing actually?

Well marketing is nothing but based on science not on creativity. Marketing is sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing is a strategic process to advertise our product and it starts before creating the product by understanding the needs of consumers.

But as we start everything for the end so here the end purpose of the marketing must be to build a brand and capture a strongest position in the market and in consumers.

As Joe Chernov said “Marketing makes the company look smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”. So before marketing, the product is the Boss.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing



  • Marketing is  game of  perception, our product is key asset in the marketing. Great product always converts consumer to brand ambassadors, word of mouth marketing helps you to reach out more customers.



  • Copywriting, Advertising & Sales are important integrant of marketing. 


  • Communication skill which a most component of marketing that you should never ignored. You need that skill to understand customers how the product is important or essential for them.


  • Branding makes you leader in the market. You must be leader in catagory like Apple in gadgets, Nike & Puma in shoes, Amazon in eCommerce. 

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing 


There are things that makes difference in digital & traditional marketing. In this section you will understand why the digital marketing is the trending thing in this digital era.
Let’s introduce with Traditional Marketing in simple way is that 
The marketing done using without internet.
Common traditional marketing methods are like Television or radio, Newspapers or magazines advertisements, Holding & Banners etc.
In other hand marketing strategies that include internet to reach out peoples is Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Even we live in the digital era, traditional marketing still plays a role in consumers daily life. Traditional marketing channels include,
Billboards, bus/taxi pamphlets or posters, TV & radio, printing etc.
However this is still impactful and the mediums are permanents and memorable like unique  TV ads.
However it is impactful still but it is difficult for track. This is more expensive as compare to digital marketing. There is no direct interaction with the consumer directly as well there is no benefit of desire audience targeting.

Digital Marketing

As we living in the digital era you can not ignored digital marketing. Digital Marketing channels included Social media, Websites, PPC, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and so on …
There are more options in digital marketing to engage with audiences. Here you can easily measure, track and compare campaigns. Can be target specific audience you want by like Age, City, Profession etc. It is less expensive as compare to traditional marketing as you have more options to reach out with desires audiences.
In simple way digital marketing is applicable for all ages. After the Jio revolution in India, internet users are increased enormously and so the digital marketing too.
But how to understand & Planned digital marketing? Let’s get understand with framework.

CATT Marketing Funnel  

CATT framework is the marketing journey of audience with you. By this method you can achieve marketing goal. Let’s understand through the image.
Image source: Digital Deepak
CATT stands for Content Attention Trust & Transaction. Let’s understand better
Wealth= n^ CATT
Here ^ for power and (n) for the niche. Means your niche will be powerful with the CATT funnel.

C = Content

Content must be relatable and useful which can leads peoples towards our websites,blogs,posts or podcasts. This can be generate leads for you.
“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” — Andrew Davis

A= Attention

This is the next step after created a valuable content. Getting more attention can know about your product or services to more people.
“You cannot get anybody to do something if they’re not paying attention to you.” — Brian Carter

T= Trust

This is the most important next step in funnel as when you gain trust your are ready to go for next level where your product or service transacted or purchase happens. More trust means more mouth marketing and more purchases.
“Always provide value. Value builds trust. Once you have that trust, you have the ability to do some selling.” — Mike Volpe

T= Transaction

Once people trust on you here your time to make transaction. Trust later converted into transaction.
This funnel helps you to achieve the goal.
“The marketing funnel can give marketers funnel-vision. In focusing on the transaction over the relationship, marketers can lose sight of the actual consumer the funnel was designed to reach.” — Tom Fishburne

Integrated Digital Marketing

Image source: Digital Deepak
This is something like its name itself, Integration of all available digital marketing method. To get better result you need to use all areas and tools available. Focus on all strategies in the marketing such as if you are going with SEO you can should never miss the content writing as well you can go with email lists to know peoples about your product or services.

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

If you have gone through with the article till here then you have to also check this out as personal branding is must be a part of your marketing strategy or we can say your business achievement.

As we clear that marketing is based on science not on creativity. Its all about perception and “people want to hear from people, not from brands”.
“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it’s what consumers tell each other it is.” — Scott Cook
Personal brand is solely grows, it can not be invested in and can not be sold. Personal brand is an influencer and a brand ambassadors for their own companies as well personal brand give rise to many other companies or brands from theirs influence like Elon Musk. We shown the power of personal branding by his tweets how one can manipulate the market!
How to build personal brand, will take a look on evolution of personal brand further.
Image source: Digital Deepak

1.Learn – 

Learn a new skill through Concepts, Facts, and Procedures. Understand the concepts. Remember the facts and practice the Procedures.

2.Work –
Put your newfound skills to work. Go from practice to implementation. Implementing it in the real world will give you a better understanding. (Work = Job / Freelancing / Own Projects)

3.Blog – 
Write about what you have learned and experienced through your work. When you write, you understand it better, but you will also start building your brand.

4.Consult – 
Now that you have a personal brand through your blog, have work experience, and have learned the fundamentals, start consulting other businesses instead of working for them.

5.Mentor – 
Mentor others who want to become like you. Mentoring will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level.

6.Start-up – 
Start your product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market, the problem, and your skills.


Here we are towards the conclusion, Hope you have gone through the article till here and now the time to summaries it in short.

As the marketing is ocean in itself with lots of concepts, rules, strategies, type, tools and mediums to do.

Tom Fishburne quoted “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”.

We have gone through various topics which are

  1. Introduction with marketing
  2. Fundamentals of Marketing 
  3. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing 
  4. CATT Marketing Funnel
  5. Integrated Digital Marketing
  6. Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint
This is all about the marketing I have tried to introduced and share with you readers. I tried to add some value with this information in your knowledge.